About us

Our Story

Founder Jake Echeverria graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Sustainable Tourism Management. He started Epic Eco Travel as a way to show the world that there are "Epic" vacations and adventures that are sustainable and eco-friendly. He used his expertise in sustainable tourism to partner with the most environmentally conscious companies and promote a sustainable way of living.

Mission Statement

Eco Epic Travel was created to simplify the process of finding sustainable travel destinations, lodging, and activities.

Core Values

Here at EET, we do extensive research to find exciting and exotic destinations that meet the 3 pillars of Sustainability. These pillars; Environmental, Economic, and Socio-cultural, are vital to the overall effectiveness of the sustainability initiatives put forth by the company or organization. We ensure that all resorts, activities, and products featured on this site meet the criteria of at least one of these pillars.