Beran Island Resort

Private Island Paradise

In a world over saturated with ideas of the “dream” island getaway, few places can actually meet expectations of pristine beaches, zero crowds, crystal clear water, luxury accommodation, and isolation from the outside world. The Marshall Islands are the answer to this dream island getaway. With only around 5,000 visitors a year, the Republic of the Marshall Islands is among the world’s least-visited countries. This gives visitors rare and special opportunities for cultural immersion and experience that few people in the world have had. The biggest city in the Marshalls, Majuro, only has two hotels creating a local atmosphere that has remained genuine and relaxed. With United being the only major airline that flies to Majuro, guests have the option of having a day or two layover in Honolulu before continuing their trip to the islands. Beran Island is a private island in the Marshalls purchased by Martin Daly in 2010 to create a unique eco surf resort experience. The island is a picturesque as you can imagine, lined with coconut trees and powder white sand.


The Marshall Islands are threatened by sea level rise caused by climate change. Some scientists estimate that some of the low-level islands could be submerged in 50-100 years. Martin Daly and his team strive to make Beran as self-sustainable as possible. There are 100 solar panels, which produce 28 kilowatts of power and two 10-kilowatt wind generators which feed into a battery system capable of holding 80-kilowatt hours. This battery is used as the primary energy source to power the majority of the resorts needs and can power it for days in the event of a storm. The resort also has the capacity to store 180,000 liters of water under the main building, a great feature to have in a location with substantial rainfall throughout the year. With the abundance of sun and wind year-round, Beran Resort is able to run completely off-the-grid most of the year. In addition to sustainable efforts on land at the resort, Martin and his team have been working to protect the surrounding coral reefs and shark populations.

Off the Beaten Path

With a maximum of 16 guests on the island at a time, families can have a true (Luxury version) of the Swiss Family Robinson experience. There are no roads on Beran Island and at 45 acres in circumference, guests truly feel as though the island is their own. Whether you want to relax while reading a book in a hammock or spend all day in the water, your time spent at Beran will be special. Walking along the trash-free white sand beaches brings a sense of tranquility and appreciation of nature. Time is a loose concept here and it can feel liberating to free yourself from checking clocks every hour. A minimum stay of two weeks is recommended to really let your mind disconnect from the distractions of the outside world.

Exquisite Cuisine

The in-house chef Mango makes delicious gourmet meals throughout the day. Guests’ travel package includes three meals per day and beverages, and the Beran team is happy to accommodate any dietary preferences. Locally grown vegetables and fruits, high quality meat, freshly caught fish & imported high quality specialty ingredients are all utilized to create delicious meals to recover after a long day of outdoor adventures. Of course, specialty diets are accommodated including; vegetarian, vegan, low carb, low fat, and paleo. You can be sure these meals will tantalize your taste buds and nourish your body to keep you going through all your adventures.


Adventures Everyday

There are infinite possibilities for outdoor adventurers in the Marshall Islands. Consistent empty waves are a main draw for the Marshall Islands and at Beran Resort you are blessed with the convenience of living on an atoll with a great right-hand break minutes from your room.  The winds are almost always offshore and the chance of finding hollow barrels during your time on the island is very high. There are dozens of breaks within an hour boat ride from the resort, and with over 10 seasons spent on the island, Martin and his team are experts at predicting the best spots to go to based on the daily conditions. Windy days present incredible conditions for kite boarding and wind sports. In fact, the Marshall Islands have been featured recently on some of most cutting edge windsurfing videos. If spending time underwater is more your forte, the diving and snorkeling around Beran is world-class and can be enjoyed by guests of all skill levels. There are plentiful walls and reefs that can be visited with a quick boat trip, as well as exploring the reef around the dock and island. The water visibility is sometimes hundreds of yards, touted by some as the clearest water on earth. Until recently surfing and diving have been the main reasons most guests visit Beran Island. Recent discoveries have led the area to become a fisherman’s paradise. There is no commercial fishing in the Marshall’s so game and sport fishing charters are able to maximize the amount of fish available to be caught. Boats available on Beran Island include the legendary MV Indies Trader, the Indies Surveyor, the MV Windward, the Indies Trader 2, 23-foot Shark Cat fast day boat, and a few large tin boats. Jet Skis are also available for day use, or utilized as surfing assistance.

Luxury Lodging

Although though you are 2,000 miles from the nearest large city, you can be assured that the accommodation on this island is beautiful decorated and designed for comfort. Upstairs rooms are quite luxurious, with a King Casper mattress, a large private bathroom, and a deck with panoramic views of the island. The rooms on the ground floor have a split-level layout and are ideal for friends or families. The main level has an oversized twin bed, and upstairs in the loft area is a queen-size bed. All rooms have ductless AC and ceiling fans by Haiku to keep cool during the day. Interiors are decorated with island décor such as old surfboards, exquisite shells, and fine art ocean photography. There is a recreation room with a pool table, large TV for post-surf photo viewing events, and dinning table to gather around and share stories.

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