Demand Accountability from Coca Cola

Almost everyone I know loves the ocean. I grew up near the beach, and some of my best memories in life have come from experiences while at the beach.

Growing up in America I never saw the horrible sight of seeing beaches littered with trash. Once I started traveling around Asia I was horrified to see the damage single use plastics have on the environment. Western countries like to point the blame on developing countries’ lack of recycling programs but in reality over 90% of plastics don’t get recycled, and much of it ends up in the ocean.

Large corporations like Coca Cola, are a main contributor to this problem as they use millions of tons of plastic each year. Even though corporations created this problem, their executives continue to shift the responsibility for fixing it onto consumers. But recycling alone simply isn’t going to fix this.

It’s time to put an end to this. Coke is going to announce a new global policy on plastics, so now is the time to step up the pressure. This policy must set out clear commitments, targets, and timelines for Coke to dramatically reduce its use of single-use plastic bottles, embrace reusable packaging, and invest in developing innovative new delivery systems.

Please send a message to Coca Cola to demand they become accountable to the destruction their plastic is having on the environment, wildlife, and lifestyles of people around the world.

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