The coast in the south of Thailand is a luxurious tropical paradise. Warm weather year-round makes Thailand an ideal destination for adventure and leisure travelers alike. Towering limestone cliffs shelter incredible beaches, some of the most beautiful and exotic in the country. Snorkel in the warm Andaman Sea and get a sense of how 20th Century Thailand felt as you walk through the undeveloped town at Tonsai Bay. Adventurous travelers should join a Deep Water Soloing Tour where they will free climb up floating limestone cliffs and leap down into the sea after they can climb no higher.


  • Hiking
  • Photography
  • Kayaking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Deep Water Soloing
  • Snorkeling




“Rayavadee is situated in the heart of Krabi’s beautiful Phranang Peninsula on the border of Krabi Marine National Park, an area renowned for its natural beauty and rich flora, fauna and marine life. When the resort was built more than two decades ago, it was with the idea of living in balance within this unique environment. The accommodation was constructed to nestle in between the property’s many trees, none of which were cut during the process, in order to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. With the resort’s low-key approach to building, the habitat of the area’s many varieties of birds and animals was not disturbed. In addition, we employ a number of practices to reduce the negative impact on our surroundings with a focus on sustainable water and waste management as well as energy efficiency.”

Islanda Village

“Islanda Hideaway Resort was created from a vision of a peaceful hideaway where relaxation can be truly felt. This tranquil holiday destination has been carefully woven into the fabric of the surrounding natural environment of Koh Klang and gives great importance to its eco-concept and local community.” The resort offers a village tour to learn about the local community and their efforts toward creating a more sustainable community. You can escape the crowds and noisy boats of Krabi and enjoy the secluded environment of this small island. This resort is a good option for budget travelers.

"This resort was the highlight of my vacation. Courteous service. They were all so friendly. The resort is secluded from EVERYTHING. It was amazing!"
John C
Islanda Village
"Top notch hotel located on Railay Beach. Rooms are spacious, clean and very spread out from one another. Lots of different walking trails for guest to explore the entire resort."
Matt W