Norway is a country of awe inspiring beauty, dramatic waterfalls, crystal clear fjords, and untouched mountains. Norwegian philosophy is that conservation is everyone’s responsibility. Enjoying nature and the outdoors is considered a national pasttime, and this is reflected in their attitude towards the preservation and use of the wilderness. Norwegians are very passionate about eating healthy and the majority of the food you will eat in the country is fresh, organic, and locally grown. Large parts of mainland Norway consist of National Parks and other protected areas, including UNESCO World Heritage sites.


  • Hiking
  • Northern Lights
  • Dog Sledding
  • Snowshoeing
  • Ski/snowboard


Juvet Landscape Hotel

You may recognize this artistic masterpiece of a hotel from the Hollywood blockbuster film Ex Machina or from the various magazines it has been featured in. The Juvet Landscape Hotel is located at Valldal, near the town of Ã…ndalsnes in North-Western Norway. The architects wanted to create a hotel that would not intrude upon nature, but rather exist in harmony with the landscape of which it is a part of. The concept of a landscape hotel emerged as an opportunity to offer an experience of stunning natural beauty with minimal human intervention. The building are comprised of mostly glass so that the reflections of the surrounding trees blend the rooms into their background, thus creating a feeling of harmony with nature. Although the prices are fairly expensive (as most of Norway is) we believe that a stay at Juvet will be a experience of a lifetime.

"Juvet is nothing short of spectacular. We stayed here for two nights in one of the landscape rooms and were absolutely blown away by the stunning views and incredible architecture of the buildings."
Chris W
Juvet Hotel Guest
"The Juvet Hotel offers a stunning backdrop of the Norwegian landscape whilst feeling truly at peace with nature in your own minimal cabin. It was such a magical experience in the wilderness."
Chelsea Z
Juvet Hotel Guest