Bali Eco Retreat

Saribuana is a unique Eco lodge located in central Bali on the extinct volcano Mount Batukaru in the region of Tabanan; fondly called the rice bowl of Bali due to its productivity and rice terraces. This family operated lodge was designed with sustainability prioritized and blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment. Many sustainability efforts have been taken to insure the lodge can truly be considered “Eco” including; land management, building infrastructure, organic gardens, animal rehabilitation, and much more. This Eco lodge is a great retreat away from the crowds and noise experienced in other parts of Bali and the property encompasses a large area for you to explore. Take a dip in one of the onsite water holes fed by small waterfalls to cool off after participating in a free yoga class offered by the lodge. The yoga classes are offered daily and are suitable for all skill levels. If eating organic and local is your thing, you will be sure to enjoy eating at the restaurant that uses many ingredients from Sarinbuana’s diverse organic gardens. With only 6 different room options and a maximum of 22 guests at a time, you will be sure to find peace and serenity with nature during your stay here.

Lodge Highlights

Organic Gardens

Sarinbuana grows fruits, herbs & vegetables in their vast organic gardens which they use for meals in the restaurant. Sarinbuana makes their own Seaweed concentrate & harvest local cow manure for use as organic fertilizer. Additionally all of their grey & black water is feed to the gardens via waste water treatment gardens. They practice ccontinuous planting to encourage the local bird & butterfly populations. Additionally they compost all kitchen scraps and use some to feed their rescued monkeys. The Sarinbuana team has implemented various sustainable methods to control pests in the gardens and land management techniques to operate as efficiently as possible.

Daily Yoga

Sarinbuana offers free daily yoga classes in their beautifully designed circular bamboo bale (Yogashala). This raised platform is located in the forest and gives an amazing feeling of being surrounded by nature as you do yoga. Hand crafted from giant bamboo & local timber, the floors are oiled with natural tung oil. If you miss the morning yoga class, don’t fret the bamboo bale is available to use all day long.

Natural Water Pools

Located on the property are three small water pools with waterfalls cascading down into them. These refreshing natural pools are located just a short ten minute walk down a trail from the main office and are a great place for morning photography.


Sarinbuana offers a plethora of interesting workshops to enhance your immersion into Balinese culture. These workshops are taught by local village members so your costs of the workshops directly benefits the local village economy and helps to continue preserve their Balinese traditions.

  • Balinese Cooking Classes: Join local women in the kitchen to prepare local Balinese dishes you can recreate at home. Experience preparing fresh traditional spices harvested from their organic garden.
  • Balinese Calligraphy: An introduction to Balinese writing. Learn Balinese characters and translate your own works into the language.
  • Balinese Ceremonial Costumes: Dress in traditional Balinese ceremony costume. Learn the significance of sarong designs & hair pieces.
  • Table Decorating: Learn how to make a variety of different Balinese table decorations that you can do at home.


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