Iran Expeditions

Expedition Planners are a team of experienced outdoor explorers that specialize in planning trips in Iran’s undiscovered landscapes. The team recognizes the importance of Eco tourism and how it will help Iran’s emerging tourism industry. After spending years exploring Iran as a team, Expedition Planners was able to gather practical information, with┬ápro team mates, gears, accessories, connections and tuned 4×4 traveling vehicles. Their mission is to “plan overland and technical programs and expeditions that are compatible with explorers and adventurers demand in each specific fields depending on the seasons with reasonable cost.” Iran has some amazingly beautiful wilderness and by traveling with experienced guides you will be able to discover some of the country’s secret gems.

Program at a Glimpse

15 days of exploring through Iran’s undiscovered nature and culture
Total traveling distance 2,500KM (More detail in initial traveling plan)
Off road: 140KM (More info in the itinerary)
Get a close touch with tribal people and their lifestyle
Hike up to “Ghale Roud Khan” Fort and discover its 1,000 years old secrets
Land-trip around west of Alborz range & cross the east-face to the west-face through remote Areas and off-roads on Talesh mountains to Ardabil province. (Off road & Camping) (Expedition main goal) (more info on the itinerary)
Visit unique villages up to 2,500M above sea level.(More info in the itinerary)
Culture & Adventure to the max.
Total hiking: 12KM (More info in the itinerary)
Altitude: 0/0 to +2,500
Camping in marvelous plains (more info in traveling plan)
Experience local and tribal people’s support & supplements during camp days to make their life style more sustainable as a part of Eco tourism. (If you like you can bring some school supplements for the kids in the villages)
Real taste of countryside in Eco adventure.
Visit different ethnic groups, Azari, Gilaki & Taleshi.
Chance to join for rock Climbing (More info in the itinerary)
Road trip to the most astonishing path way of Iran (Asalem to Khalkhal)
Explore mysterious places that exhibit Iran’s history & culture
Experience Persian culinary art and cuisines
Challenge your self in Iran, the country that least discovered by international explorers because of the lack of info structures for international tourism.
Visit villages with more than thousand years of history
Famous bazaars, ancient treasures and UNESCO world heritage sites along the way
Two well planned recovery days (more info in initial traveling plan)
Hiking to deep Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forest to have the chance to see beautiful waterfalls.

Each program will run in June, July, and August 2019.

Cost is $1500 euro

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