How to Reduce your Environmental Impact at a Festival

Single Use Items are a No-No

Be conscious of your packing decisions when bringing single use items to camping fesitvals. Don’t be the squad that buys the last minute discount easy-up with plans to ditch it on Sunday. If anyone needed reminding, plastic water bottles and other single use items can create mountains of waste over the course of the festival weekend. Besides, reusable double-walled water bottles will keep your drinks cold all day.

Carpool or take the Shuttle

Ride to the festival with your squad! Share the costs of the trip, as well as stories, snacks, and music knowledge. Road trips create lifelong friends while inherently lengthening the fun of your festival weekend. Plus you’ll save money! Better yet if your festival offers shuttles from your home city you can relax with your friends and help your carbon footprint. If you are car camping, more people in the vehicle means you can split the cost of the pass more ways; if you’re walk-in camping you’ll be able to skip the single occupant environmental impact fee.

Bring Compostable Foods

How you pack your food can have a large impact on your campsite trash pile. Forget about packaged foods and opp for bananas, avocados, hard boiled eggs, and other foods that only generate compost. Not only will this keep your energy high, but it will leave you with much less waste to deal with at the end of the event.

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