Lake Cleanup with Puget Soundkeepers

Last week I had the opportunity to volunteer with the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance to kayak around Lake Union cleaning up trash in the water along the way. It was a great experience that was both rewarding and fun. Every week the PSA uses donated kayaks to lead groups of 6-10 people out around Lake Union to clean up harmful debris that can get ingested by the local wildlife. Their mission is to protect and preserve the waters of Puget Sound. They monitor Puget Sound water quality, help set strong policies and regulations that protect our waterways and our health, enforce environmental regulations, engage citizens and businesses in waterway cleanups and recovery projects, educate and involve the public in local water pollution issues, and partner with local and regional groups to advance solutions that protect Puget Sound.

Founded in 1984 as the Puget Sound Alliance (PSA), Soundkeeper was the first grassroots organization to focus exclusively on protecting the marine environment of Puget Sound. Initially, PSA fought successfully for secondary wastewater treatment at West Point in Seattle and a Puget Sound Management Plan. In 1990, following the successful model of the Hudson Riverkeeper in New York, PSA launched the 6th licensed Waterkeeper program in the nation when it hired its first Puget Soundkeeper and began patrolling the waters of the Sound by boat.

As we kayaked the #1 pollutant in the was we came across was Styrofoam. The Puget Soundkeepers are currently lobbing to get rid of single use Styrofoam packaging in the Seattle region. You can find out more about issues they are fighting for and help donate to the cause here.

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