Sustainability at Lightning In A Bottle

We are now one month away from one of the best music and arts festivals in the country; Lightning in a Bottle. This transformative event is held in the beautiful Lake Buena Vista Recreation Area in California from May 25-30th. This will be mine second time attending the festival and I am honored to be working on the media team for the event.

One of the wonderful and unique features of Lightning is that it offers a wide array of workshops and discussions that will educate and have a profound impact on attendees. I still remember a workshop I attended at Lightning in 2017 about protecting the Amazon rainforest and defending the rights of indigenous people who had lived the for centuries. It was an eye opening and heart wrenching experience as the founders presented a slideshow of the massive destruction of the habit as well as the mutilation of monkey’s they would get in their way. We learned that the main culprit in much of this destuction had been corrupt politicians who hired mafia to intimidate locals who dared to defend the “protected” areas of the forest. Myself, along with about 50 other people all came away from the experience with a sense of deep respect for those defending the Amazon on the front-lines. I know the organization (I believe it was Amazon Watch) gained many new donors that day and spread awareness throughout the festival.

Above is a picture of the workshops being featured throughout the festival. I will be am particularly interested in: Indigenous Culture Revival in the Amazon, Regenerating Soil with MicrobesHope in the Anthropocene, and Fire Adapted Communities – Building a Wildfire Resistant Future.

E.R.A (Ecological Renewal Alliance) will present content and culture-making educational sessions from a network of experienced facilitators and designers who work to enhance natural systems through the reintegration of biological and physical practices. With the focus on ‘right relationship’, there will be classes and experiential study for us to become more aware of our impact on, and heighten our understanding of the intelligence of nature, so we may foster a generational culture that works in harmony with the natural world.

I am very exited for the opportunity to attend some of these intriguing workshops to learn about more of the issues and solutions to some of Earth’s most pressing problems. I plan to summarize what I learned in my post-event coverage of the festival.

The festival is, in the owners own works,  “designed, built, and curated based on a core ethos centered on sustainability, harm reduction, cultural respect, and most of all, creating an environment for extraordinary experiences.”

LIB has it’s own sustainability ambassadors on site called the “Green Team” that conducts daily walks around the festival to clean up an MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) they find and deposit it in the correct recycling bin. You can even apply to join the Green Team for the full duration of the festival in exchange for a free ticket. If that interests you, you can apply by clicking the button below.

If you already happen to have a ticket to the festival you can still join the team onsite, I know I will! These are the instructions on where to meet up onsite: “Come to the Green Team HQ (see map when released) to learn how to help out or get involved. We do daily moop walks and we would love your company. Hop on a volunteer shift if you have some time and want to learn more about LIB’s Green Team Motto: Leave It Better!”

I am extremely exited to be involved with the festival this year and experience all that it had to offer. Expect to see a photo recap in June with more info about what we learned about over the long weekend. If you are interested in learning about Lightning’s sustainability practices please click here.

I encourage any music, arts, and sustainability interested folks to attend Lightning in a Bottle this year as I believe it will be a transformative experience! If you are interested in buying a ticket you can do so by clicking the button below.

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