Top 5 Eco Friendly Festivals to Attend this Summer

Sustainability is one of the core pillars that the team behind LiB and it’s effect can be seen throughout the festival and its attendees. The festival makes use renewable energy (solar and bio diesel) and also educates visitors about their impact and provides hands on demos of composting. LiB features dozens of talks and workshops from leaders in the sustainability, cultural awareness, and environmental protection industries. This allows festival attendees to gain first hand knowledge about how to improve their personal lifestyles as well as share ideas with a like-minded group. Featuring these group discussions and presentations helps to improve a large number of festival attendees awareness and responsibility for these issues. In addition, LiB’s Green Team tirelessly works to keep the event green and clean. The Green Team educates attendees on recycling, composting, and keeping the grounds clean for a greater festival experience. For food and drink, Lightning has a wide variety of organic, vegan, and sustainably raised options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s been called the new and improved Woodstock of the West.


Splendor in the Grass is one of the biggest and most popular festivals based in Australia. The fest has made it a priority to raise awareness for environmental conservation and have implemented a variety of programs to help the process. They have partnered with Boomerang Bags to provide a free, fun, sustainable alternative to plastic bags. Boomerang Bags is a grassroots, community-driven movement tackling plastic pollution at its source. Volunteers from all walks of life get together to make re-useable ‘boomerang bags’ using recycled materials, as a means to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. They also have an option to pay a few dollars extra at checkout when buying your ticket to pay for your carbon offset! Lastly, the fest has three sets of teams (Waste Warriors, Eco Cops and The Green Team) that patrol the grounds and make sure attendees are recycling, aware of the importance of sustainability and keeping the area clean.

Shambhala is a long running music festival located in a beautiful forest in British Columbia, Canada. For the past 20 years Shambhala has provided festival goers a haven where the can experience some the best electronic music in the world while simultaneously connecting with nature. The festival features organic food provided by local sustainably sourced farms to keep attendees feeling healthy and energized throughout the 4 night event. Additionally, the festival takes pride in the fact that it does not accept any corporate sponsorship. This allows the festival to retain a true reflection of the people on the dance floor and their vision of what their community looks like. Festival attendees are also encouraged to participate in workshops happening throughout the weekend. Many of these workshops teach participants about the importance of sustainability and how living an Eco friendly lifestyle can help save the planet. Last year, the festival organizers launched The Greater Good Contribution Contest. This contest celebrates Shambhala camps that make a positive impact on the Shambhala experience, local communities, or abroad. The three winners of the contest are awarded $15,000 split amongst first, second, and third place to donate to a charity of their choice.

Sustainability is at the very core of Boom Festival’s vision for what a music festival should encompass. Boom is a music, arts, and workshop festival that takes place every other year in Idanha-A-Nova Lake, Portugal. As an environmentally conscious event, Boom is a concrete example that shows it is possible to co-exist on this Planet in respect of Mother Earth and of one another. This is possible through a deep understanding of the cycles of life and humanity’s place within these cycles. Permaculture is a brilliant example of how such an understanding can be transformed into practice. Boom’s pioneering Environmental Program applies the principles of permaculture to every single aspect of the festival’s production. The festival widely promotes the knowledge and practice of sustainability through lectures, workshops, and of course, through demonstrating with practical examples.

For Øyafestivalen environmental protection is one of their core values, and their ambition is to be among the greenest festivals in the world. They focus on everything from waste disposal, food, transport and power supply, to leaflets and toilet paper. They work throughout the year to find solutions that are more environmentally friendly, so that they can be a leading example for other promoters and businesses, and for the Øya audience. All year around, Øyafestivalen has a significant focus on the environment. They see it as their corporate social responsibility and it is natural for the festival to organize its activities so that environmental impacts are reduced and minimized. They measure, survey and report our environmental impact, so that they can find solutions to reduce this. This is done trough internal measurements and survey, and external environmental certification. The certification includes a procurement plan with environmental criteria, organic food, a material recycling rate of around 74 percent, and the usage of fixed power instead of polluting aggregates, in fact, at this years festival one of the stages will run on solar energy.

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